Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26: Meet the Fighters

Childhood Cancer is something people don’t like to talk about. It makes them sad and uncomfortable. This month, we’ve asked you to help us share some facts and stories and push your friends and maybe yourself out of your comfort zone. Every time you read one of our posts, you join our cause. Every time you share it, you raise awareness. Every time you donate, you help kids.

We wanted to share with you some names of friends we have met along the journey. These are not all the kids who have touched our hearts over the past two years, but these are the cancer fighters. Some of these children are in remission, some are still fighting, and some are in Heaven. All of these kids encourage us to keep doing what we are doing to raise awareness and increase research funding. Read their names, whisper a prayer, hold them for a moment in your heart.

Tillery – Easton – Timothy – Chase – Destiny – Bennett – Wyatt – AJ – Peyton – Cody – JoshuaJohn – Iyana – Oliver – Conner – Caralyn – Jayna – Macie -  Haiden – Bailey – Dallas – Peyton – Zach – Tony – Lauren – Luke – Leah – Christian – Cody – Levi – Rhyland – Cheyenne – Jordan – Mattisyn - Alexa

We encourage you to learn a few of these names. Ask us their stories and allow us to share about some of our heroes who inspire us daily.

To make a donation to our September fundraising page, follow this link:

(There are 34 names here. Statistically, 1 in 5 children with cancer do not survive. The number for this group would be around 7. The actual number from this list is 11. Eleven of these kids did not survive. Another 5 have a terminal diagnosis. Only 18 of these kids is medically supposed to survive their cancer. Our daughter is one of them.)

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