Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 22: Blood Donation

When we say blood donation saves lives, we don’t mean it in just the generic sense. We mean that on October 2, 2014, November 15, 2014, and April 2, 2015, blood donation saved our daughter’s life.

We talk a lot about funding research for a cure. We are passionate about fundraising and finding a way to save these children. But money can’t buy your blood. You must give it.

Hate needles? Tillery has had over 200 “pokes” in the past 2 years. Hate the idea of having to sit in a chair with a tube coming out of your arm for 15 minutes? Last Fall, Tillery spent 8 weeks in a hospital bed with a tube coming out of her brain and another tube coming out of her heart. Have I guilted you enough yet?

Good! We are having our first Knoxville blood drive on October 22nd and we invite you to come and give life. When we were in Chattanooga, we had over 100 donors give in Tillery’s honor through Blood Assurance and now we are teaming with Medic to find heroes in Knoxville. If you aren’t local, we encourage you to search for a blood donation location in your area and give with Tillery on your mind.

Knoxville friends, mark your calendars: 9:00 – 2:00 October 22 at Norwood UMC. If you will be there, we’d love to know so we can work on a rough headcount. They will set up in our fellowship hall and can bring more staff and equipment if we determine they will need it. Let’s make them bring all they’ve got!

Feel free to share the attached flyer or print and post around town. 
Tillery receiving a blood transfusion while on chemotherapy that caused her to lose almost all of her red blood cells.

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