Friday, September 2, 2016

September 2: 43 Daily

Every day in the United States, 43 kids are diagnosed with cancer. That means that every day, 43 moms and 43 dads have to process this devastating news. Every day, 43 families enter into this club that no one wants to join. September 30, 2014, our family joined the childhood cancer club along with 42 others. Tillery became a Cancer Fighter, we became Cancer Dad and Cancer Mom, and Luke became a Cancer Sibling. These labels will follow us always. On September 29, 2014, we were just like you.

No one likes to think about sick kids…until your kid gets sick. You want to know what all the Cancer Moms and Cancer Dads want you to think about? Our kids! Don’t ignore the 43 kids who will be diagnosed today. Don’t ignore the 1,290 kids who will be diagnosed this month, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In 2014, we didn’t know Childhood Cancer Awareness Month existed. Now, we live it every single day.

Help us raise awareness and raise funding! Go Gold in September!

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