Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 18: Moving Mountains

We share a lot. Some days, you might not want to see our posts. Sometimes they are hard and sometimes they are sad. Sometimes you just wanna watch some pet videos and laugh at some memes. But the reason we share it all is so we can share it all. See, you can go through our darkest valleys with us and then rejoice with us in the victories.

God has allowed a mountain in our lives called cancer. He didn’t put the mountain there to teach us a lesson, but He allowed it to be there and is using it and us. He has walked with us and carried us every step of this journey and we can look back over the 2 years and even the years before and see how we were prepared and led. We are not blessed because our child is still with us, we are blessed because He gave His child for us. Jesus washed our sins away so that we may all experience eternal life in Heaven. It is the promise of eternal life that is a blessing to each of us as it reminds us that our time here is very short and finite and what we experience on the other side is infinite.

Childhood cancer is a bully that takes children from this Earth far too soon. There is comfort in the words “Eternal Life” that remind us all that those children, the 1 in 5 who do not survive, are in Heaven waiting for the rest of us. God has already cured cancer. Every time another child leaves this world and moves into life eternal, they are cured. We believe this fully.

We also believe, for the mamas and daddies who can’t hold their children anymore, the pain they feel is real. We believe that there will be a cure in this world that will allow these children to grow up and do big things for the Kingdom of God. We are asking the government for more, we are asking the medical community for more, and we are asking you for more. We are using our story to inspire, motivate, and encourage. If we all do a little, something big can happen.

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