Friday, September 16, 2016

September 16: Survival

As a parent, you have so many questions that swirl in your head when your child is diagnosed with cancer. The scariest is the one you are too afraid to ask...Will my child die?

It took 5 weeks to get Tillery's pathology back and for those 5 weeks, we did not know if she would survive. After the tumor biopsy was taken, the neurosurgeon told us that much of the tumor looked slow growing and was not too concerning BUT there were parts that appeared highly aggressive. He could not answer any questions until we had the pathology back to know for sure.

Tillery's tumor falls into a category of brain tumors called "low grade gliomas". They are not very aggressive and non life threatening. (Although yesterday's video showed you that when your child is medically fragile, critical issues can arise as a result of treatment.)

1 in 5 children with cancer will not survive. Tillery is one of the other 4. It is our prayer that she remains there.

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