Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19: Stand Up!

I hate to get political on a Monday morning, but we need your voice to reach out to Congress right now! The STAR Act, the most comprehensive childhood cancer bill ever, has enough support to be taken to Congress but they are only in session for a few more weeks. They are only able to spend time on the most pressing issues and, as continues to be the case, saving children doesn’t rank high on many people’s lists of importance.


The below link makes contacting your representatives super easy! Click the button at the bottom of the page to “Email Your Representatives” and in just a few easy steps, a prewritten letter will be sent to your representative in Congress.

Y’all know I’m passionate about this. My daughter needs a voice at the table deciding how to allocate research funds and how to study childhood cancer. The STAR Act will put a pediatric oncologist on the NCI board so that kids have an advocate. I’m not asking for the whole pie, just a bigger piece.

While we wait on #morethan4, donate your private funds to help the kids:

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  1. I will gladly send a letter in. I agree that more than 4% of funding needs to go to the research of childrens cancer. Go Tillery!