Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 15: The Helmet Months

Perhaps the hardest part of this entire journey has been the time that Tillery was in a helmet. That helmet was a constant visual reminder of a horrible night when we thought we would lose our daughter. Through the helmet months, and many times since, the song Holy Spirit has been in my heart and on my lips as a constant invitation for the Holy Spirit to flood our lives and Tillery’s path.

Here’s a slideshow of the hardest moments of our lives. Without God’s comfort, the love of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit’s presence, we could not have survived this dark time.


Tillery developed a blood clot as a result of her tumor surgery, which caused her to need blood thinning medication. The blood thinner she was on is one that typically isn’t used on children and there was no research on how to reverse its effect in an emergency like Tillery faced. The anesthesia team who saved her life that day wrote a journal article about her. This is another reason we need funding for child specific medications.

(When making a donation, you can choose a type of cancer to allocate your funds to. We request choosing brain tumors to directly impact our girl.)

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