Saturday, September 10, 2016

September 10: It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint

When we learned Tillery’s tumor was a low grade glial tumor that was slow growing but in a risky location to fully be removed, our oncologist said, “Tillery’s treatment will be a marathon.”

She meant that there was not a quick treatment plan that we could sprint through. Instead, we needed to be prepared for a long and steady battle. Pacing ourselves would be important as this will be more like a long-lasting, chronic illness than a cancer that is “beaten”.

Tillery has been in treatment for almost 2 full years. She has 3-1/2 more months to go on this chemotherapy cycle and then we will schedule another major brain surgery. After that, we will take a break for a while and let us all take a rest.

This morning, Tillery’s daddy is running a half-marathon. He’s done a full marathon and 3 other half marathons in the past. This is his first long distance run since Tillery’s diagnosis and he’s much better prepared and training was easier this time. Maybe that’s because we are living a marathon and have learned about training hard, fighting back, and taking rest breaks, as needed.

We are so proud of Daddy! Leave him an encouraging message below to let him know you are proud, too!

All month, we are fundraising for Alex’s Lemonade Stand’s #journey2amillion miles for childhood cancer. Today, we are asking for donations of $13 for the 13 miles Joe is running this morning. Visit his fundraising page here:

(He also did a 5k last night before the half today to earn an even cooler “Black Bear Double” medal!)

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