Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12: No Slacking Off

Alright friends, it’s time for some honesty…we’ve been slacking off! (Well, Joe ran a half marathon this weekend but the rest of us have been slacking!) This weekend, I got busy with other things and didn’t log my miles like I need to do to hit my goal. Our fundraising has also hit a wall. But you know what isn’t slacking off? Childhood cancer!

Tillery is going to end chemotherapy at the end of this year. She will have a surgery early next year ...and then she will have no further treatment planned. She will have MRI scans done every 3 months and if her tumor remains stable, she will be able to remain off of treatment and will be allowed to be a “normal” kid.

BUT, here’s the reality…She has been on chemotherapy for almost 2 years. She has also taken quite the cocktail of home medications. While she has experienced mild side effects from her chemotherapy, the long term side effects are unknown to us. Having so much poison put into her little body at such a young age will almost certainly cause issues that we will learn as she grows up.

95% of childhood cancer patients will suffer from a Chronic Health Condition by age 45.

Unacceptable! Ridiculous! Disappointing! Heartbreaking! Unfair! No, No, No!!

THIS is why childhood cancer deserves #morethan4! Today’s childhood cancer patients are tomorrow’s cardiac patients, pulmonary patients, GI patients, fertility patients, and sadly, oncology patients, again.

Donate to our fundraising efforts to help end childhood cancer or at the very least, make the side effects milder.

(When making a donation, you can choose a type of cancer to allocate your funds to. We request choosing brain tumors to directly impact our girl.)

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