Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 25: Years Lost

Loss of life is hard at any age. Family and friends grieve for the person they have lost and spend time remembering all the times they shared. Obviously, when a child dies, their time on Earth was shorter than if they lived until adulthood but have you ever wondered how much shorter?

Childhood cancer deaths rob an average of 71 years of life. In adults, the average number of years lost is 15 years. Fifteen years is still too many if that is your loved one but in kids, cancer takes almost 5 times the number of years!

The average age of cancer diagnosis in adults is 67 years old. In kids, the average age is 6. SIX YEARS! In adult cancers, the average age is a grandparent and in childhood cancers the average is a 1st grader!

If we put more money into childhood cancer research, those 1st graders can grow up to be adults. As adults, they can choose careers in medicine to help others or be nurturing and empathetic members of our communities.  Imagine all they could accomplish in their extra 71 years!

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