Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 4: Chemo Day

Today was dose #41. Forty one times a poison has been put into our daughter's veins to keep a mass at bay.

The original plan was 10 weeks of weekly chemo, followed by 18 months of monthly chemo. The biggest thing we have learned on this cancer journey is that plans always change!

Two weeks in, Tillery had a head injury that put chemo on hold for 3 months. Then she finished the last 8 weeks and an MRI showed the tumor was shrinking! We did 2 doses of monthly... chemo and an MRI showed the tumor was growing. So, last July, we started a new drug with weekly dosing. There were illnesses and low blood counts that caused missed weeks and then a 10 week break in the Fall because of an infection.

Instead of being almost done with chemo, we are about 7 months into an 18 month treatment plan.

Today at the clinic there was an end of therapy party. One day, we WILL have one of those!!

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