Friday, May 13, 2016

Day 13: Haircuts

When you’re a neurosurgery patient, hair styles can be a bit odd at times. I call it “A7 hair” because that’s the neurosurgery floor at Cincinnati Children’s. On A7, Tillery is one of many kids with a strangely placed bald spot, still trying to hang on to as much surrounding hair as possible.

Tillery has had 9 haircuts in the operating room, 2 in the lobby of the Ronald McDonald House, and 3 “normal” haircuts. She has had a bald patch on the left in the front, on the... right in the back, and all the way across her right side. Through it all, she has kept a holdout section on the left in the back, which is where her signature side pony resides.

Yesterday, Tillery had a cute shape-up done at the salon to prepare for some photos we are having done today. Thanks to Stephanie at Studio Hair Dezine in Cleveland, TN for the new asymmetrical do as well as working on plans for bald spot concealment following Tillery’s July surgery!

Below shows the different phases of Tillery's hair - haircuts, shaved heads, side pony's.

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