Sunday, May 22, 2016

Day 22: Our Church Family

On Sunday, September 21, 2014, Tillery was baptized by her daddy and joined the church family at Daisy United Methodist Church. As part of the baptismal liturgy the church members said the following words:

“We will surround this person with a community of love and forgiveness, that she may grow in her trust of God, and be found faithful in her service to others.”

Nine days later, Tillery was diagnosed with a brain tumor and our church family surrounded not only her, but our whole family, with the community of love they promised. They have given their blood, their money, their time, and their hearts to support our girl. When we hurt, they hurt and when we rejoice, they do as well. Every step we have taken, they have taken.

Daisy UMC has been the perfect example of what Christian love and fellowship is supposed to be. We have been blessed to have them by our sides during this journey. We had been here only three months when Tillery was diagnosed. The church had just really learned our names, yet, that did not stop them from being a rich source of encouragement. Just as Alana and Tillery drew support from folks at the Ronald McDonald house for the 7 months they were in Cincinnati, Daisy was the local support for Joe and Luke. Joe was supposed to be their pastor and yet, they ministered to him.  It has been humbling to be the recipient of love from, at the time, strangers. The one thing we had in common? We are brothers and sisters in Christ. They have shown the love of Christ. We have been humbled and we will be forever grateful. 

We will only live in Soddy Daisy for 1 more month and after today, only have 3 more Sundays in worship with our Daisy UMC family. Every time we move to the next appointment, we always take away special memories from our previous one. Reflecting back, each congregation we have served has something special we remember. We have ministered to many churches. Daisy UMC will forever be the church that ministered to us. 
 We love you all!

Photos below are from our first Sunday at Daisy UMC, Tillery’s baptism, a special time of prayer for Tillery during a very hard time medically, a welcome home banner for when Tillery and Alana came home from Cincinnati, and support from church members at our blood drive.

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