Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 11: Name That Tumor

There are over 120 types of brain tumors. Tillery's diagnosis falls into the category of NOS, not otherwise specified. So within 120 types, her tumor is in the "other" category.

When she was diagnosed, her oncologist came in and wrote the name on the dry erase board in the room. It was the first day of chemotherapy and there was a lot to process that day so I took a picture of the board so I could go back and look at it later.

Low grade glioneuronal tumor with mesenchymal differentiation

We were told there was no reason to try researching because her tumor is a type with no information to be found. It's made up of two types of tumors - glial cells and neurons. The mesenchymal differentiation means there are muscle cells in her head. The pathologist at St. Jude, Dr. Ellison, who is the top pathologist in the country is the one who made her official diagnosis.

We treat her tumor as a low grade glioma because that is the diagnosis category that hers is most closely matching. So far, her tumor remains stable with this treatment plan.

The best part of this long name is it's survivable!

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