Saturday, September 30, 2017

9/30 - Tillery

Three years ago today, Tillery was diagnosed with a large cancerous brain tumor at only 15 months old. She has had 15 surgeries and 64 doses of chemotherapy and she’s only 4 years old. Last month, Tillery said goodbye to the oncology life when she had her port removed following 6 months of tumor stability. Her tumor caused some severe physical delays that she fought hard to overcome (and continues to fight through weekly physical therapy and gymnastics). Tillery still has about half of the mass in her brain, which can never be fully removed due to its risky location. Instead, Tillery goes every 3 months for an MRI to make sure the tumor isn’t actively growing and as long as it remains stable, she continues to live life as a normal kid. Tillery’s oncology and neurosurgery team do expect growth again over the next few years, in which case, Tillery will begin back on weekly chemotherapy. Her tumor will continue to go in waves of growth and stability throughout her life, resulting in her never being able to go into remission. Currently, we say we are “on the other side” of her cancer diagnosis and it’s true what they say, the grass really is greener here.

These pictures are how our journey began. 

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To support childhood cancer research in honor of kids like Tillery, make a donation to our team (TIL Foundation) with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

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