Wednesday, September 13, 2017

9/13 – Owen

Owen Robert Steinmann 11/29/16-6/13/17

From the moment Owen was born, his parents knew that God wanted them to share him with the world. The first three months of his life were filled with developmental milestones, gummy grins, and delightful coos. He was absolutely perfect and incredibly smart. He developed a fan club fairly quickly as his parents shared him with the world through photos and videos.

He was born like any other boy. In a hospital in that most suburban of suburbs, Cary, North Carolina. His dad was concerned he was a little funny-looking, but he knew he’d love him anyway.

On the night of March 5, a mass was discovered on Owen’s brain that would later be identified as AT/RT, a very rare brain tumor that as yet has no cure. The next three months were an incredible whirlwind. After his tumor was removed, we traveled from Duke University Hospital to St. Jude in Memphis, left our jobs, moved to Kingsport, had everything we owned packed up and moved by other people (an experience unlikely to be repeated), went home on hospice only to come back for more treatment, went on vacation only to be airlifted back to Duke and then to come home for the final time.

Owen endured so much through all of this. He had surgeries to remove his tumor, to remove and place shunts, and to have a central line placed. He had deadly chemicals pumped into his body to try to kill a much more deadly disease. He was robbed of the chance to have a normal childhood and instead spent much of it in hospital or recovering from treatment. He fought harder than anyone we have ever known against impossible odds, before he could even talk, or walk. He fought with the amazing support of friends, family and his medical team.  On Tuesday, June 13, 2017, Owen passed away.

Through all of the hard questions, the pain and the tears, we remember Owen for why he lived.

And this is why:  He lived to be his parent’s sweet son, so loved. He lived to share his sweet smile and laugh with a world that needs a little light. He lived to show us all how to endure the impossible with grace, and strength. He lived to give us hope, and to remind us to never give up, no matter the odds. He lived to change us, and make us a little less selfish, a little more giving, more patient, and more kind.

Owen was unconditional love. Courage beyond measure. Strength unbending. And a boy who really loved his mommy. He truly embodied the meaning of his name; fighting relentlessly as a young warrior. 

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To support childhood cancer research in honor of kids like Owen, make a donation to our team (TIL Foundation) with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

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