Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Trotting and Taking Back Life

My cousin, Sheyvon, is planning the 2nd Annual Trot for Tillery 5k. Last year's event was a big success as a group of people came together and gave their time, money, and physical energy to support Tillery and our family. It was also bittersweet because Luke rode his tricycle 3.1 miles while Joe pulled Tillery's wagon, but instead of having Tillery in the wagon as the plan had been, he had her Beads of Courage. Tillery and I were in Cincinnati during her Trot. She was discharged from the hospital that day after almost 2 full months inpatient. She was weak and we were drained. It was really hard to miss the run we had looked forward to and miss seeing everyone.

This year will be different. Not only will we be there (extra prayers for health as we get closer would be appreciated), Tillery is walking and will be on the course with everyone. She may not do the full 5k and she may not be very fast but I'm guessing she will be the fan favorite.

To promote the run, Sheyvon made the Flipagram below with images of Tillery's journey. The song playing is Fight Song by Rachel Platten and the line that stands out to me as I watch this is "Take back my life song". As I watch the slideshow of pictures with Tillery's head bandaged or her hair at various lengths and see the lines and tubes that held her back for so long, I keep thinking of how she has taken her life back. She is not that kid that lived at the Ronald McDonald House or in a hospital bed. She's not the girl before the diagnosis who cried so often. She's happy and mobile and full of energy!

As I watched her chasing Luke through our new home yesterday, I started thinking about her upcoming surgery. I wasn't focusing on the scary things but about the after. I was envisioning them right back to chasing each other in just a few weeks. Her hairstyle will change but she will be the same Til we have now. She took back her life from that tumor and it's not gonna hold her back again.

Enjoy the video of our journey. Below are the details of the Trot for Tillery, as well.

2nd Annual Trot for Tillery
October 8
8 a.m.
Sylacauga, AL
Online registration opens July 1st -

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