Monday, June 6, 2016

Three Years Old

Today, Tillery is three!

I see parents often making posts on their child's birthdays saying things like "time flies..." or "where did the time go?" I know where the time went. She's been LIVING it!

There has been a whole lot of life between this...

And this...

So much life from here...

to here...

Yes, Tillery has spent time in hospitals, doctor's offices, and having some yucky medical stuff happen, but she's also had so many really cool things happen.

In three years, she has...
- been to 8 states
- been to the beach
- flown on a plane (medical flight, but it still counts!)
- eaten a lot of cheese quesadillas
- renewed people's faith, strengthened relationships, touched hearts, and made a huge impact on many people's lives

Not bad for three short years!

We have had moments when we didn't know if she would make it. We have been scared and we have petitioned God to spare this girl. We have seen God answer prayers and work miracles and we continue to praise Him for every day we have with her.

We praise Him for her health.
We praise Him for those little floppy feet that travel the pavement at a quick speed these days.
We praise Him for the smile that brightens a room.
We praise Him for the lives she's touched.
We praise Him for her silly sense of humor.
We praise Him for her appetite.
We praise Him for her fearlessness.
We praise Him for every bit of the three years we have had and for every day we have going forward.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tillery!

Now, some birthday party pictures...

Tillery put her hands in her cake because she got so excited and then when she realized what she had done, she did her famous pout face. One of the few times it's been caught on camera.

Tillery's new helmet is so much cooler than her first helmet. It looks like a cat face and she is ready to ride a tricycle really fast with it on!

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