Friday, July 15, 2016

New Bone Day

Our day began at 5:30 a.m. with a walk to the hospital and Tillery's first walk through the hospital hallways. All went smoothly at check-in and we walked her back to the operating room at about 7:45 a.m. Often when we take her to the operating room, they are able to let us be with her while she goes to sleep or they give her something to calm her as we leave. Today, they gave her something to calm her, but it seemed to have an opposite affect because we left her in tears in the hallway outside of the OR.

We set up our space in the waiting room, selecting a spot with access to an outlet and view of a TV with cartoons. The waiting was uneventful. We were prepared for 5-6 hours but at about 10:30 a.m., they called out to tell us they were done and were closing her up.

When Dr. Vadivelu came to meet with us afterwards, it was all good news. He said she did well and he was very pleased with the way the synthetic piece matched up to her bone. He even used some of her own bone to secure the new piece in place. While she will initially be in the PICU, it's just precautionary and she should be moved to her regular floor, A7 with the neurosurgery team tomorrow. The best news was that he anticipates she will be discharged by Monday. How exciting!!

Then we left Dr. V. and went to meet Tillery in the PICU. When we went back in her room, she was very groggy. She looked and Mommy and Daddy and then said through tears, "It hurts so bad!". Oh my heart! She's never been able to communicate her pain before and this is hard for our already wild emotions!

She's been on pain medicines all day. She had a head CT 2 hours after surgery and everything looked great. Her vitals are all great and there haven't been any reasons to think things won't continue smoothly.

This evening, we got a special visit...Luke got to come to the room for 15 minutes! He brought her a bracelet he's been carrying around all day, waiting to see his sister to give her the gift. They had a picnic in her bed and watched a little TV. She was still very tired and slightly agitated while he was there but Luke did bring smiles to her face that we just couldn't do. She loves her brother and he's always been good medicine for her!

Tonight we are watching all the movies on the hospital TV and eating late night snacks. She's in good spirits and seems pretty free of pain. She has IV's in both hands so I've been assigned to pop Teddy Grahams and Cheerios into her mouth as she lounges. It's been a long day and I'm hoping she gets her belly full and her eyes sleepy soon!

Again, I must say thank you! Our Facebook feeds were Tillery filled today. We couldn't keep up with all the comments, messages, and shares. What a great way to pass the time of surgery, by seeing so much love poured out! Your kind words make the hard days easier. Thank you for sharing our burden.

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